~Lissi~ (enaranie) wrote in lotr_rp,


I've been looking for a decent Tolkien roleplay site for a while, as I have a character and she has nothing to do.

She is a character of my own creation, is that ok? Her name is Atarvanda and she is the daughter of Gildor Inglorion. He lived with her mother for a while, but had to leave because of higher matters. When he returned, their home had been burnt to the ground and he believed his lover had been attacked and killed. In fact, she had managed to escape and was living some miles off with a friend. She later gave birth to their daughter and named her "Atarvanda", Oath of the Father, as a reference to Gildor's supposed infidelity. After her mother's death, Vanda decided to go in search of her father and began a journey to Rivendell.

If Vanda is appropriate and you accept her, please contact me -enaranie@hotmail.com- with more information as I am slightly confused.

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