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Rinoa Heartilly

Lord Of The Rings RP

Welcome to the home of the LOTR Online RP!~
*hopes that this will pick up pretty soon...*

This RP is going to be done like character journals, which means...
Each character has a journal that basically tells of the events in the form of diary entries. Take for example, Legolas and Aragorn stumble across Frodo. This would be shown in each different journal from the perspective of the individual character. Like this...

[Legolas' LJ]
Today we stumbled across Frodo. He was as short as a hobbit! Oh... That's because he IS a hobbit...

[Aragorn's LJ]
We found Frodo injured by the side of the Road, just out of Rivendell. We raced him back there as soon as we could... I knew that Elrond would be able to help him. I do wish that Frodo would be more careful though... The fate of the free world rests on his shoulders.

[Frodo's LJ]
All I could remember of today's events is seeing a faint image of Legolas and Aragorn sprinting towards me. They were shouting things to each other that I couldn't understand, but I doubt I'll ever find out what those words were. It's bad enough that I've been pierced by a Ringwraith once already... But slowing the journey yet again? Gandalf will be dissapointed. So will Strider...

That's how the story will be told. Each character basically elaborates on their point of view on the event. If you're willing to participate, just claim a character and set up your LJ when your character is approved.
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